“Angela, Your image of the 107 Taylor St building is amazing. I like it very much. I've sent it to the owner and they will be in town next week to look at the building. Hopefully I'll get more feedback from them then.

The other images you did for me have been very helpful also. I've already used three of them in marketing materials/online profiles/etc. Not sure I'll see a direct tangible benefit, but at least I feel like my marketing is more comprehensive and is going in the right direction.

Thanks again for everything, Angela!”


“Oh my word! Those are amazing pictures. I think we definitely got what we needed! And I haven’t even seen all of them yet. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see the rest…….OH MY WORD!!!! Those pictures are just too adorable. I am definitely going to be ordering some of those of Taylor and Brett. And then ones of the shop look great! I just talked to the designer. He got the pictures and has what he needs for
the website and ads. So thank you so much! "


“One of the first things I noticed about Angela was her stunning presence. She's not only beautiful, but regal, in a very approachable way. Taking pictures with her was a great time. . .and a good experience. I really value connections with people, and it was really a blessing to be able to listen to Angela talk about her life and family. She adores her husband and son, and that comes across in her work, and in her description of her passion for her work.

I thought it was going to be hard standing in front of a camera with the eye of someone like Angela glaring at me on the other side of it, but I couldn't have been more wrong. You just wanna do whatever she asks you to, and you lose your sense of, "Okay, I'm taking pictures now, so I'd better strike a pose. . ." You just sort of go with it, because she's unconcerned with pretense in that way. She seemed never to assume something that looked good/bad from our dry perspectives would percept the same way on film, so she was free to try anything I asked her to without resorting to condescension, and that made me WANT to try what she asked. That was key for me, because going into the session/shoot, I really didn't know exactly what I was looking to get out of it. However, Angela remained patient and suggested freely her own ideas, which took some of the pressure off me, and she also just seemed willing to simply press the button on the camera and see what it captured.

I didn't even realize it until our shoot was nearly over, but there's a sensitivity about her that's calming, which makes her expert beauty as well as her artistic expertise less intimidating, and more inviting. It was really the thought exchange in ongoing conversations with her between shoot locales and photo snaps that I enjoyed and will remember most, and it was during those times that her warm, kind spirit really radiated. In retrospect, this quality was what I appreciated about her upon our first meeting, but at that time it remained a characteristic unidentified, or at least uncategorized, unnamed. Later, it was clear to me.

It was definitely one of my favorite creative experiences to date, and Angela remains one of the coolest ladies I've had the privilege to know and work with in a personally artistic context.”


“I was quite pleased in my photo session with Angela. She was extremely flexible in arranging a time and location to do a photo shoot with my two young children. During the session, Angela was patient with the girls – taking hundreds of photos and always with a positive attitude. The final product was wonderful. We had such variety and high quality pictures to choose from that it took us a few weeks to narrow down our selection. I would highly recommend Shutter Creek Photography to anyone desiring portraits of their family or for professional use!”


“Hey Angela, it was a pleasure working with you. If I get a chance to send some business your way, I absolutely will!! It was relaxed and, most importantly, fun!! You can count on gettin' more business from me.”


"Angela brings a very fresh perspective to every situation, and we were amazed at how many great pictures we had to choose from. We love Angela's style because it's very unique, no stiff posed shots --- instead, the pictures have character and depth. We had a great experience and continue to get compliments on her work. She has a great attitude that spills over into the photos, which are inspired and full of character... plus it was fantastic to see what she could accomplish with a little retouching. Getting our kids to cooperate is always a real challenge, but Angela really put my girls at ease, and worked with them to get some amazing shots. We will definitely use her in the future."


“Angela Howell at ShutterCreek Photography is just magnificent to work with. Her photo shooting skills are the best in the business and she really makes you feel at ease when taking the shots. She took some of the most wondefrul pictures of all our 7 dogs together that we are just thrilled over. We highly recommend Angela. She is talented and can create the most amazing images.”


“These are REALLY good. I really like how you did the blur background on that one. I may have you do the same on the ones where I'm in front of the building being built. Some of those with you shooting up at me look great. My other favorite is the Black and White of me sitting back on the phone. I'll keep looking at these and narrow them down. I may also want both color and black and white of a few. We'll see. Thanks again for the great work!”


“Got my pics today! I love what you can do with your program (Photoshop). Thanks so much for taking the time to send them to me. I love them.”


“The pictures that you shot of Jane were incredible!!! They are absolutely adorable!! I love them all. There are several that I'm interested in. Thanks again so much for coming over here and taking those of Jane....she said she had a great time. I really do appreciate it. Thanks again. See you soon.”


“Anastasia’s pictures are just beautiful! You are very good photographer and I wish you a lot of success in this area. I will keep in my mind your email and phone number to advertise you to whom it need.”


Image #4403 is definitely going to be my primary shot-if you can do some "cosmetic" work on this one. It definitely captures what I was aiming for- I might want to do one more shorter shoot in a month or two with a cap on...thanks again! Oh, and I really like 4497 also-if you can crop it so my image is larger and more centered in the photo it will be perfect! UUU rule!!!”


“Angela, with his new headshots in hand, Trevor already went to an audition and is supposed to do a shoot this weekend! He also already shot the Service One Credit Union commercial locally. Thanks again!”


“The pictures are awesome! It was so hard to pick which ones we liked the best. Thanks!”


“Angela is an incredible photographer. Her creative and relaxing approach to photography quickly put my son at ease and produced pictures that truly capture his unique personality and emotions. Angela's scheduling flexibility, quick turnaround and excellent communication made our experience very pleasant. I will definitely use Angela again and highly recommend her.”


“Thank you so much. The girls thought you were the nicest photographer that they have ever been to!”


“Angela, Thanks so much! These are awesome!!! There are several that I just love. Yay!!! I had so much fun. The light was just great, wasn’t it? You can’t tell we were melting at all! LOL These are really great pictures. I’m so pleased. Thanks so much, Angela! I’m so excited! Thanks!"


“The pictures are beautiful, it took my breath away for a moment. Thank you so much. She is beautiful and very radiant and it shows in the pictures. Thanks a lot once again!”


“I just looked at the edited pic of Escher. Beautiful job!!! Thank you so much!”


“Incredible pictures, Angela!!! Incredible photography!! You are really good!!
Again, Angela, I was very, very impressed with your work!”


“Angela - I was very pleased with the prints of Kelsey. They are amazing and I can't wait to get them framed and on the wall. Thanks for all your incredible work!”


“Thank you so much for these wonderful images of the snow. Your giftedness helps us to share in the joy of the day.”



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